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Name:ZDHW-8000A Microcomputer automatic calorimeter
  • Features
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  • Parameter
  • Adopt standard
1. The calorimeter system can automatically mark the heat capacity of the calorimeter system.
2. It adopts the original imported German stirring motor, which has reliable performance and strong anti-interference ability. Automatic water filling, automatic water temperature adjustment, automatic quantitative water, automatic mixing, automatic ignition, and reduced human error. This machine can be controlled by one machine without disturbing each other.
3. The internal cylinder of the calorimeter device adopts electric stirring of the blade paddle, and the external cylinder is stirred by submersible electric stirring, so that the stirring is more uniform and more convenient.
4, configure the compressor temperature tank, can observe whether the lack of water within the cylinder
5, the experimental automatic cooling correction and the use of double barrel water cycle, higher thermal stability, higher testing accuracy, the inner barrel using advanced foam insulation technology, the experimental process is not affected by the outside temperature. Continuous analysis of samples for a long time, with a very high cost performance.
6, by the computer control, just enter the sulfur, moisture, hydrogen and other data, you can convert and print out the calorific value of the cartridge heat, high and low heat data. Automatic calculation and automatic conversion of high and low heat, can print a regular coal quality laboratory report, automatically store data up to 999.
7, the system can automatically complete the system can be equivalent to the calibration and determination of the amount of material heat, the system can be used to calibrate the equivalent multi-dimensional selection, real-time and flexible. Material heat measurement process and data processing are automatically completed by the microcomputer
8, support ignition wire and cotton two ignition methods
9, the measurement process using digital tips and images, the image is intuitive.
10. The calorimeter can automatically display the ignition voltage and ignition current, can detect the heat of lower or higher substances, and has automatic diagnosis function.