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Name:ZDHW-8000A high-precision microcomputer fully automatic calorimeter (including computer and printer)
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1. The calorimeter system can automatically scale the thermal capacity of the calorimeter system.
2. The mixing motor imported from Japan is used, with stable mixing speed, reliable performance, and strong anti-interference ability. Realize automatic water filling, automatic water temperature adjustment, automatic water dosing, automatic mixing, automatic ignition, and reduce human error. This machine can be controlled by one machine with two controls, without mutual interference.
3. The inner cylinder of the calorimeter device adopts electric stirring with flaky paddle blades, while the outer cylinder adopts submersible electric stirring, making mixing more uniform and convenient.
4. The casing of the chassis has a water level indicator line to observe whether the inner cylinder is short of water at any time.
5. The ignition voltage and current can be observed at any time outside the chassis.
6. The experiment adopts automatic cooling correction and dual barrel water circulation, resulting in higher thermal stability and higher testing accuracy. The inner barrel adopts advanced foam insulation technology, which is not affected by external temperature during the experiment. Can continuously analyze samples for a long time, with a high cost performance ratio.
7. Controlled by a microcomputer, data such as sulfur, moisture, and hydrogen can be converted and printed out, including cartridge calorific value, high and low calorific value. Automatically calculate and automatically convert high and low calorific values, print out regular coal quality test reports, and automatically store up to 999 pieces of data.
8. The system can automatically complete the calibration of system energy equivalent and the measurement of material calorific value. The calibration of system energy equivalent adopts a multi-dimensional selection method, which is real-time and flexible. The measurement process and data processing of material calorific value are automatically completed by a microcomputer
9. Supports two ignition methods: ignition wire and cotton thread
10. The measurement process adopts digital prompts and image methods, which are visually intuitive.
11. The calorimeter can automatically display the ignition voltage and current, and can detect the calorific value of lower or higher substances. It has an automatic diagnostic function.