Welcome landing Hebi City Huanuo Electron Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
  • 1, the perfect user equipment file management information system and user problem management system, to ensure that customer problems quickly and efficiently resolved.

    2, the system guarantee customer satisfaction visits and visits, and real-time grasp and analysis of product and service information, and constantly improve the quality of services and products.

    Perfect service management system
  • 1, free installation, debugging and on-site training of customer operators.

    2, each year in Hebi to hold user classes two times, for the user detailed training of coal quality analysis instrument operation method and related professional knowledge

    3, our company is responsible for the free operation of users and maintenance personnel on-site training and maintenance of knowledge training, until the qualified post.

    4, provide customized training for customer needs.

    Comprehensive professional training service
  • 1, more than 20 well-trained technical service engineers abroad for a long time, timely service for customers.

    2, our company 24 hours hot line 0392-223466613839220101; 48 hours technical service engineer on-site troubleshooting.

    3, Connaught Electronics products within two years (except for the replacement of mechanical products, consumables and wearing parts), lifelong maintenance, free software upgrades

    Fast response service system
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