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Name:ZDHW-9000C high-precision microcomputer fully automatic refrigeration calorimeter (including computer and printer)
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1. Thermal capacity of automatic calibration calorimeter
2. Input data such as sulfur, moisture, and hydrogen to convert and print data such as cartridge calorific value, high calorific value, and low calorific value.
3. The mixing motor imported from Japan is used, with stable mixing speed, reliable performance, and strong anti-interference ability. Realize automatic water filling, automatic water temperature adjustment, automatic water dosing, automatic mixing, automatic ignition, and reduce human error.
4. The calorimeter supports two ignition methods: ignition wire and cotton thread
5. The casing of the chassis has a water level indicator line to observe whether the inner cylinder is short of water at any time.
6. The ignition voltage and current can be observed at any time outside the chassis.
7. The use of an original cooling correction model ensures the accuracy and reliability of test results for high and low calorific value samples.
8. Stainless steel vacuum inner cylinder, large capacity outer cylinder water tank, with refrigeration unit, stable thermal capacity, suitable for long-term continuous sampling.
9. Advanced compressor refrigeration technology is completely independent of environmental temperature changes, ensuring that the temperature difference between the inner and outer cylinders of the instrument meets the requirements of national standards.
10. High degree of automation, automatic use of the water volume in the built-in fixed container, automatic control of the temperature difference between the inner and outer barrels of the instrument, and automatic completion of the entire test process. Can be connected to an electronic balance.
11. Unique cartridge, strong compression resistance, and shortened lead time. Real-time monitoring of laboratory ambient temperature; Automatically prompt for out-of-tolerance results.
12. Automatic transmission of sample code and weight information; Backup and upload of test data; Experimental data is tamperproof.
13. It can achieve login permission management, and has rich data processing functions. Users can easily query historical test data, current day data, parallel sample data, etc.
14. This product has excellent performance and reliability even when operating in harsh environments.
15. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation and maintenance, and low failure rate.
16. The repeatability and reproducibility of the calorific value test are superior to the requirements of the national standard GB/T212-2003.
17. The Windows 7 operating system is adopted to achieve multiple controls on one computer, with mutual testing not affecting each other, and high stability in software operation.