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Full automatic calorimeter, the preferred Hebi Huanuo impeccable quality
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Full automatic calorimeter, the preferred Hebi Huanuo impeccable quality
Full automatic calorimeter, the preferred Hebi Huanuo electronic technology limited company, impeccable quality, our company specializing in the production and sales of automatic calorimeter, microcomputer automatic calorimeter, double control microcomputer calorimetry, stable quality, reasonable price, technology driven, quality is the root of this, welcome to inquire. 13839220101
The ZDHW-8000A type high precision microcomputer full automatic calorimeter uses a German original imported stirred motor, which has reliable performance and strong anti-interference ability. Automatic water filling, automatic water temperature, automatic water, automatic mixing, automatic ignition, and reduced human error. This machine can be controlled by one machine and not interfered with each other. Hebi Huanuo coal laboratory equipment automatic calorimeter experimental cooling correction using cyclic double barrels of water, high thermal stability, high accuracy, barrel by foaming insulation technology advanced, the process is not affected by outside temperature. The sample can be analyzed for a long time with a very high cost performance.
This first of all thank you for choosing Hebi Huanuo electronic technology limited company products and hope that the majority of new customer support to our company, we provide perfect technical support and customer service service quality, therefore, we hereby make the following commitments: installation and on-site training: according to user requirements of the time and place for the user free installation and debugging instrument. The authorized technical personnel of the company and the company provide free on-site training services to users' operators when installing and debugging instruments and routine maintenance for users, enabling users to master the performance, operation and maintenance of instruments.
A series of calorimeter products: http://www.hebihuanuo.com/product_category.php? Id=8
Note: the automatic calorimeter of every microcomputer in our company will be tested by the Hebi quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and issued a quality inspection report. Please be assured of the use of the report.