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A bulletin on beware of counterfeiting our products
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Recently, I found that many criminals fraudulent use of the name "Hebi Huanuo electronic technology limited company" by illegal means in the market spread, sales of our products, the above behavior, serious damage to the reputation of the interests of customers and our company. In view of this, our company solemnly declares that, if our company is set up in the Sales Department of various provinces and cities, its mobile phone and fixed telephone have all the colored cringbel introduced by our company, so we must pay attention to this detail when customers purchase equipment, and guard against being deceived. For the current findings related to counterfeit counterfeit and sell our products on the suspect, my company has in accordance with the legal procedures and investigate its related responsibility.
If our customers are in the process of using, if we find counterfeit and inferior products, we will promptly complain about the information to our company, so as to jointly maintain the market order and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Thank you! In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, please call 0392-2234888 2234666 before purchase.
Hebi Huanuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
December 21, 2017