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Name:WDL-9000A Microcomputer automatic sulfur analyzer
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1, the structure of vertical integration, , will automatically send samples, sampling mechanism, high temperature cracking furnace, electrolysis tank, stirrer, air purification system and other components cleverly combined together, make the instrument more compact structure, more reasonable and more stable.
2, the instrument can be external electronic balance, by weighing the sample button can realize automatic weighing. One can install 24 samples, more have the function of jumping the queue, re queuing function, after the additional sample can get ahead of priority measurement opportunities. Special flat bottom corundum porcelain boat is used to reduce the possibility of sticking sample.  By the program control to achieve automatic temperature, temperature control, send samples, determination, the results of automatic save, automatic printing. Moreover, the sample can be added midway, which greatly improves the work efficiency and realizes unattended operation.
3, after loading the whole process of testing can be done unattended, greatly improving the test efficiency. The measurement process is carried out automatically by program control: automatic continuous sampling, automatic control start and end test, automatic coulometric titration, automatic data processing and data storage, data printing. In addition, the instrument has the networking function, may realize the data remote sharing and the data report remote upload function.
4, coulometric titration electrolysis current using constant current program, by the software to achieve Coulomb integral, so as to ensure the results of titration. Determination of time can be automatically judged according to different coal samples, each sample is about 5min or so. Speed is superior to Ashkena gravimetric method and high temperature combustion neutralization method.
5, the system error can be directly through the software to achieve their own dynamic multi-point correction function, but also to ensure that high and low variety of samples of the test accuracy and accuracy. Test results better than the national standard, good repeatability, high accuracy.
6, the furnace using imported new energy-saving materials, good insulation properties, heating speed, environmental protection, low-carbon energy efficient. PID temperature control high precision, effective protection of the furnace and silicon carbon pipe life. In addition, the sample intake function is increased, so that the sample can be quickly and completely burned to ensure the test accuracy.
7. The gas road adopts the new patent structure. It is very convenient and practical to replace the silicone loading and drying pipe, and the air tightness is good and the failure rate is low. The imported air pump ensures stable and reliable source of gas.
8. The whole instrument structure is designed by modular modularization. The module is easy to disassemble and interchangeable. It is very convenient for the installation, debugging, maintenance and subsequent service of the instrument. The automatic continuous delivery mechanism is also used as a component, which can be used for the batch table exchange. It is very convenient and thoroughly solves the users' worries.
9, the system design has a special fault diagnosis test procedures. At work, real-time monitoring of the various functional components of the instrument, with the fault to determine the alarm prompt function. In addition also has a powerful debugging menu, a great convenience to the instrument on-site installation and troubleshooting and troubleshooting and troubleshooting. You can also remotely diagnose and support the Internet via the Internet.
10, using PID (proportional, differential, integral) temperature control algorithm, accurate temperature control, fast heating speed.
11, the use of non-contact switch, with broken even protection, hardware over-temperature protection and electrolyte anti-back measures, the use of safe and reliable.
12, the use of innovative multi-point dynamic coefficient correction method to ensure that high, medium and low sulfur content of coal test results more accurate.
13, adopts advanced USB technology, plug and play, and reduce the demand for computer, can be controlled by a microcomputer or more sulfur content coal analyzer and other instruments of comprehensive test instrument, the experiment more than one machine control.
14. The electronic balance can be connected to the Internet for remote data sharing.