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Operation steps of determination method of coal bond index

Operation steps of determination method of coal bond index
1 implementation of the National Standard Code: GB/T5447 - 1997
2 scope of application
This method provides soft coal caking index (GR.I. index, G index) equipment, determination methods and results of calculation and description. This method is suitable for bituminous coal.
3 main points of the method
The test of coal quality and Anthracite Mixed, under specified conditions, rapid heating of coke, the coke in certain specifications within the drum strength test, calculation of caking index using prescribed formula to express adhesion test coal.
4 special anthracite
The determination of adhesive index special anthracite (abbreviated anthracite for short) is in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 14181.
5 instrument equipment
5.1 this method is required by the following instruments:
5.1.1 analysis of balance and electronic balance: a sense of 1mg.
5.1.2: muffle furnace with uniform heating cables, the constant temperature zone (850 + 10) at length not less than 120mm, and a regulator or constant temperature controller.
5.1.3 drum test device: rotary drum speed must be guaranteed (50 + 2) r/min. The drum is 200mm and deep 70mm, and the wall is riveted with two blocks with 180 degrees apart and 3mm thick.
5.1.4 pressure device: an instrument for compressing the mixture of test coal and special anthracite with 6kg mass.
5.2 utensils:
5.2.1 crucible and crucible cover: porcelain.
5.2.2 stirring wire: made from a hard metal wire with a diameter of 1mm to 1.5mm.
5.2.3 block: nickel chromium steel is made, quality is 110g ~ 115g.
5.2.4 circular hole sieve: sieve hole diameter 1mm.
5.2.5 crucible frame: made from 3mm to 4mm Diameter nickel chromium wire.
5.2.6 stopwatch.
5.2.7 dryer.
2.2.8 tweezers.
5.2.9 brushes.
6 coal sample
6.1 the coal samples with grain size less than 0.2mm are prepared according to the requirements of the test coal, of which the coal particles from 0.1mm to 0.2mm account for 20% ~ 35% of the total coal samples. After the coal sample is crushed, it should be mixed evenly before the test.
6.2 the test coal sample should be packed in a sealed container, and the test time should not be more than a week after the sample is made. For more than a week.
7 operation steps
7.1 first called 5g special anthracite, then called the 1g test coal sample put into the crucible, the quality should be called to 0.001g.
7.2 stir the mixture in the crucible with a stirred wire for 2min. The stirring method is: the crucible is tilted about 45 degrees, it rotates counterclockwise, it rotates about 15 times per minute, the stirring wire rotates clockwise at the same inclination angle, about 150 turns per minute. When stirred, the circular ring of the stirring wire contacts the circular part of the crucible wall and the bottom. After about 1min45s, continue stirring, stirring the crucible and stirring wire gradually to the vertical position. When the stirring time is about 2min, the mechanical device with the same stirring effect can also be stirred. When mixing, the spatter of coal should be prevented.
7.3 after mixing, the coal powder on the crucible wall is swept lightly with a brush. The mixture is carefully leveled with stirring wire, and the 1mm layer 2mm is slightly lower along the wall of the crucible wall, so that the briquette can compress the mixture and make the coal sample surface in the same plane.
7.4 clamp the block in the center of the crucible with tweezers. Then put it under the pressure device, put the pressure bar down gently, static pressure 30s.
7.5 after the end of the pressurization, the block remains on the mixture and the crucible cover is added. Notice that from the time of agitation, a crucible with a mixture should be lightly placed to avoid impact and vibration.
The 7.6 crucible with lid placed in the crucible shelf, with the shovel handle or clamps hold the crucible frame into the pre heating temperature zone to 850 DEG C in a muffle furnace. In 6min, the furnace temperature should be restored to 850 degrees C, and the furnace temperature should be kept at (850 + 10) degrees C. From the start time in the crucible, coking 15min, after removal from the crucible in a muffle furnace, placed cooling to room temperature. If the drum test is not carried out immediately, the crucible is put into the dryer.
7.7 remove the press from the cooling crucible. When the crumbs are attached to the block, they should be brushed into the crucible. The total quality of coke slag weighing, then put it in the basket, the first drum test, coke drum test after using 1mm circular screen screening, reweigh overtails quality, then put it into the second drum drum test, repeated screening and weighing operation. 5min is 250 rotation for each drum test. The quality is called to 0.01g.
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