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What are the instruments used in the analysis of the elements inside the coal?
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The basic indicators of coal, such as large calorie, sulfur, moisture, ash, volatilization, fixed carbon, coal, glia index, etc. Hebi Huanuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.Professional production of coal element analyzer, the quality of the coal analyzer is guaranteed, free technical support. (main products are: calorimeter, high precision of microcomputer automatic calorimeter, microcomputer automatic microcomputer automatic calorimeter refrigerating capacity thermal instrument), sulfur meter series (microcomputer rapid sulfur meter, microcomputer automatic sulfur meter), the muffle furnace series (box high temperature furnace, high efficiency and energy saving of intelligent integration muffle furnace, high efficiency and energy saving of intelligent ash volatile tester), caking index series (the microcomputer caking index tester, caking index stirring apparatus), glial layer series (glial layer of ordinary glue layer, computer), nitrogen determination apparatus (microcomputer rapid nitrogen determination apparatus, fluorine chlorine tester, determination of fluorine ion, chlorine ion determination), microcomputer automatic ash melting point apparatus), etc.
Main technical indexes of coal products:
The volatile, is a primary indicator of coal combustion characteristics identified. The higher the volatile content is, the easier the ignition is. According to the boiler design requirements, the value of coal volatile value should not change too much, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the boiler. As the original design with low volatile coal and burning high volatile coal, because of the flame center approaching a burner outlet, may burn burner and furnace shutdown; if the original design of coal burning high volatile and burning low volatile coal, will be too late to make due to fire the incomplete combustion caused by accident or even flameout. Therefore, the coal 1.should be supplied according to the original design of volatile coal or similar coal.

2.Ash content can reduce flame propagation speed, delay of ignition time, unstable combustion and temperature drop.
3.Water, water is one of the harmful substances in the combustion process. It absorbs a lot of heat during the combustion process and has a much greater impact on combustion than ash.
4.Heat energy is an important basis for boiler design. Since the coal powder of the power plant is more adaptable to coal, so long as the heat of coal is roughly in line with the design requirements of the boiler. 
5.the ash melting point, as a result of pulverized coal furnace chamber of a stove or furnace flame center temperature above 1500 ℃, more in such a high temperature, fly ash is mostly softening or fluid state.
6.The sulfur content of coal is the harmful impurities in coal. Although it has no effect on the combustion itself, its content is too high, and the corrosion of the equipment and the pollution of the environment are quite serious. Therefore, the sulfur content of coal is not too high, and the maximum requirement cannot exceed 2.5%.